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Lightking Optoelectronics' Successful Exhibition at InfoComm 2024 in Partnership with Thousandsails and Shinestage Tech

DATE: Jun, 24, 2024

At InfoComm 2024, held from June 12 to 14 in Las Vegas, USA, the global top event for the audiovisual and integrated experience industry, Shenzhen Lightking Optoelectronics, in partnership with Thousandsails Cross-border and Shinestage Technology, successfully showcased the latest technological achievements and innovative products. This collaboration not only highlights the leading position of the three companies in the industry but also brings a new audiovisual experience to global customers.

Collaboration Highlights: Technological Integration, Creating the Future

At this exhibition, the collaboration between Shenzhen Lightking Optoelectronics, Thousandsails Cross-border, and Shinestage Technology showcased the deep accumulation and innovative capabilities of the three companies in the audiovisual technology field. By integrating their respective strengths, the three companies jointly launched a series of leading LED display and stage structure solutions, injecting fresh technological vitality into the global market.

Lightking Optoelectronics presented its latest MH1.2 small-pitch product and RDL(O)3 outdoor rental screen, demonstrating its leading position in the LED display technology field. The hands-on experience area set up by Lightking Optoelectronics attracted many visitors, receiving high praise.

Shinestage Technology showcased several innovative products, including multifunctional combination brackets for displays, automatic opening and closing rails, and multifunctional stages. These products not only possess excellent technical performance but also reflect Shinestage Technology's unique advantages in design and application.

Exhibition Highlights: Innovation Leading the Way, Enthusiasm Overflowing

During the exhibition, the joint booth of the three companies attracted a large number of visitors and industry professionals. The booth was crowded, and the atmosphere was lively. Visitors could not only get close to the latest products and technologies but also personally experience the superior performance of the products through the interactive experience area.

The technical personnel of Lightking Optoelectronics and Shinestage Technology had in-depth exchanges and discussions with the visitors, detailing the technical advantages and application scenarios of their products. Through on-site demonstrations and interactions, visitors gained a more intuitive understanding of the products, enhancing their trust and recognition of the brands.

Successful Cooperation: Win-Win Future, Creating Glory

This cooperative exhibition is an important strategic collaboration between Shenzhen Lightking Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Thousandsails Cross-border, and Shinestage Technology in the international market. Through resource integration and technological complementarity, the three companies not only demonstrated their strengths in technological innovation but also embodied the concept of win-win cooperation.

Beijing Thousandsails Cross-border Technology Co., Ltd. provided strong support for this cooperation with its extensive experience in cross-border e-commerce. Through global warehousing and logistics services, the company ensured that the exhibits could arrive at the exhibition site quickly and safely, showcasing Thousandsails Cross-border's advantages in global market layout and services.

Looking Forward: Continuous Innovation, Moving Forward

Although the exhibition has concluded, the collaboration between Shenzhen Lightking Optoelectronics, Thousandsails Cross-border, and Shinestage Technology has just begun. In the future, the three companies will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, continuously launch more competitive products and solutions, and provide better services to global customers.

We believe that through this successful exhibition cooperation, Lightking Optoelectronics, Thousandsails Cross-border, and Shinestage Technology will create a more brilliant future in the international market. We look forward to working with more industry partners to jointly promote the development and application of audiovisual technology, bringing more surprises and value to global customers.