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Lightking Tech Group Co.,Ltd. successfully completed the LED display guarantees work for the theatrical performance "The Great Journey"

DATE: Jul, 08, 2021

The theatrical performance "The Great Journey" to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China was held at the National Stadium on June 28. Under the night, the Olympic Central Area is radiant and beautiful, and the lights in the National Stadium are dazzling.


The 500-square-meter outdoor LED display provided by Shenzhen Lightking Tech Group Co.,Ltd.shines against the red curtain of the golden party emblem. Relying on the rich experience accumulated over the years, Lightking Tech Group Co.,Ltd. is fortunate to have participated in the stage design and construction work from the design stage.

As a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating design, research and development, production, sales, and installation of Led displays, Lightking Tech Group Co.,Ltd feels a glorious mission and a great responsibility as it can witness the party’s centuries-long journey, and be able to experience the country’s prosperity, and participate in such a large-scale theatrical performance with global attention, national attention, and pride of the people.

Since its establishment in 2004, Lightking Tech Group Co.,Ltd. has maintained a leading position in the field of LED display. It is the first professional manufacturer and supplier of full-color dot matrix modules in China ; it is also a pioneer in China's die-cast aluminum cabinet technology, and the pioneer of energy-saving power supply technology for led display.

Always adhere to the concept of "better product innovation, technology upgrade, service guarantee for large-scale national events, and display of the good technical image of Chinese companies",

Next, Lightking Tech Group Co.,Ltd will continue to make use of the brand advantage of 17 years of integrity management, a strong sales network in more than 120 countries, and the industry's top design and R&D team, giving full play to the advantages of high-definition picture quality, fast disassembly, safety and environmental protection, energy saving and low consumption to expand international influence based in China, planning for the world, and striving to become the world's most influential manufacturing enterprise for international brands.