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Large Amount of Containers are coming,

DATE: Apr, 20, 2021

Summer is already coming with us stepping into April , Shenzhen's weather is also the most comfortable this period. Meanwhile, April for lightking is also an very busy time, 5 containers per week, warehouse works over day and night to race against time and  finish massive production.


The sales champion team in the first quarter belongs to our America sales team, they will keep it up and create more sales. And Lightking back up team is now dedicating to producing large amount of indoor and outdoor product include RD(O), RDL, RDY, FS, FX(PRO), KB series etc.,They are on the way to LA and Holland warehouse. We promise the lead time can be ensured only 1-2 days.

Lightking is now ready to be put into more larger production in May, FS:1000sqm, RDY:2000sqm,FX(Pro):1000sqn, KB:2000sqm, which is for the second half of the year 2021.

We all know pandamic in 2020 made much influence on the whole market, especially for the led screen industry. Lightking is also facing the closing limited market, but we haven’t gone backwards. Large indoor and outdoor rental , fixed production line in two warehouse of the abroad attach much importance to occupying the market. Our sales team spare no effort to break up and to get the trust from the clients. 



But what holds us not back and keep going?

Not only the strong faith, but also the strict quality supervision, prompt after-sales service, and also with the sales’s professionalism, patience and meticulous.

Lightking, you deserve it!